Nadir Khan, Photographer Thanks for taking the time to stop by the website and check out the images and videos. My photographic journey started way back at University in Glasgow when my dad gave me an old Canon film SLR . It didn’t last that long as I had a climbing accident and the camera came off as badly as my head.

These days I take better care of my kit and I’ve been lucky to work with some great athletes and companies over the past few years. My work is split between adventure sports photography and filming work and while my background is in still images I love the extra dimension that film allows.

The things that inspire me are great light, dramatic clouds, landscape and some cool action, whether its bikers, climbers, runners or kite surfers, being able to communicate the emotions that I feel when making the images is a privilege.

The Kit

I use canon full frame bodies, the 5D series since 2012 and have recently started using Sony α7III for both its fast frame rate and lightness as well as having a full frame sensor and being resilient to Scottish weather

I am an ambassador for Elinchrom flash units and use the Quadra ELB 400 system to give my images a specific look and allows me to sculpt the light in ways that simple on camera flash units wouldn't allow and also take that light sculpting ability into the mountains.

I am an ambassador for Fstop camera bags and use the Loka UL series to carry and protect all my kit. The equipment is the best in the world for the needs of adventure sports photographers and also function as excellent alpine packs in their own right

News and publications

I am an ambassador for Ellis Brigham mountain sports and have shot many of their catalogues and key images since 2016

I love working with people that have their own creative ideas and collaborations with poets, dancers, musicians and other photographers can be a lot of fun. I’m always on the look out for new and inspiring projects that will take me out of my comfort zone and come up with something fresh and exciting.

From time to time I run courses in adventure sports photography, talking about how to compose shots with athletes and how to use off camera flash and also give talks to various camera clubs around the country. If you’d like me to put on a course or speak to your group then I’m always happy to chat through ideas.

Email me or follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with any latest news and trips