North Wales Gallery

Really pleased that i have agreed with a very busy climbers and walkers base to have a long standing exhibition of 8 Images on display . A gallery has also accepted 3 images for sale , breaking with a tradition of only working with local artists.                                                                                                 Had a surprising evening with Jared along the docks […]

Top Ten UKC Pics

I’m pleased that 3 of my pics are in the top ten pics of the week on UKC . If you’re registered on the site you can vote for the pics if you like .just back from North wales where Naveed and I had a cracking time climbing , kitesurfing and photography. check out the […]


Cool day (actually it was hot) with Chris, John and Pete. Chris was busting out some big moves on some serious jamming routes at the  ‘not so popular end’ of Stanage. Cool shots, including some super hero shots of Chris. Was  a good day and had some Yoga shots to finish up with.