Africa for the weekend !

It does seem bonkers to go to Morocco for 3 days but i had a chance , a cheap flight and i’ve always wanted to vist morocco, and now it seems adam and I will be climbing here in october as well , so twice in one year !

In fez this morning , hoped for some nice sunrise shots through the old town but just too much coverage over the alleyways for the sun to come through. Things start to liven up by about 10am , with the stalls and stuff , my favourite shot of the day is the goats heads , ‘would you like fries with your goats head sir ? ‘ McDonalds Fez style !

Drove to chefchaouen , was told it would be 2 hours , more like 5 , got lost loads and ended up with a junkie in the car giving me directions to the hotel .. at a price of course .