Architectural Photography

I’ve been very lucky recently to be commissioned by architects Quinlan and Francis Terry to photograph some of their recent completed properties for their forthcoming book. The brief was simple , ” we want classical lines , square on to the front of the building and picking out the details in the stonework etc” , oh and “we’ve had a look at your website and don’t want any of that modern stuff you do ” . So , that was clear ! The Tottenham Court Road building has been photographed by 2 other photographs and they hadn’t been happy with the results . I tried a few different angles and positions and eventually came upon the idea of looking straight up the building and stitching 3 images taken with the 24mm TSE. I was pretty sure the clients wouldn’t be happy with that particular image but included it in the finals anyway thinking it was maybe a little to ‘gothamesque’ for a classical architect . So, i was surprised when i showed them that as the final image in the many images that I had chosen that they decided that they really liked it ! And want to use it as a

poster for a forthcoming V&A museum lecture . Just goes to show that the client doesn’t always know what they really want .