The famous blue medina of Northern morocco is also the centre of its hash production . I was keen to get there for the photographic opportunities and was told it was a 2 hour drive from Fez . After getting lost in leaving fez for 1.5 hours , i was actually thinking of giving up and staying in Fez , who wants to drive on their own in Morocco ?

It was more like 5 hours to get there and then couldn’t find the hotel , it was getting dark , and raining , my nerves were like a tightly wound up ball of anxiety and apprehension . eventually one of the many stoners said he’d get in the car and help me find the hotel , at a price . everyone and everything in Morocco has a price but he got me there and for that i was very grateful .

The old medina is an amazing place with loads of great photo ops , its just such a shame most of the locals are so anti photography but one of the artisans whom i bought some stuff from was happy to have some shots taken .

the drive back to Fez was much less stressful and there were some really cool lines and compositions along the way . back home now , thinking about taking a small group of photographers next year to fez and chefchaouen , 4 days , on the cheap but hiring some models/actors to be in shot looking the part etc . anyone interested ?