Climbing Morocco Anti-Atlas

Been hanging out in Tafraoute with Adam to experience some adventure trad . Nothing is straightforward in morocco as far as climbing goes . Everything is a mission , from finding the right roads , to finding the right crag and then actually being able to get to the crag without being shredded by overgrown thorn bushes and then being able to route find on the route itself . Its an experience though , the rock is good when you get on it and the gear is good mostly but climbing here is not for the faint hearted . We were climbing mostly VS/HVS routes and that at least leaves a couple of grades in hand as there is no back up , no rescue service so wanted to make sure that what we bit of , we could chew .

I’ve been to Morocco once before and loved the colours, the vibrancy of the culture so being able to combine that with some climbing was a big plus though its a pain that most people dont want their photo taken . photography when climbing here was disappointing , harsh light during the day and a lot of haze on the horizon didn’t lend itself to great landscapes and very strong shadows made getting good shots tricky . We did have a great storm one night which I shot and also did some portraits of Adam wearing a djelleba that we borrowed from a carpet seller .

Heading for marrakech tomorrow to savour that , should be interesting !