F Stop Bags

Finally , after a 3 month wait the fabled F-stop Loka arrived , apparently they had some QC issues at the factory but its here and got a chance to get out on some bike trails with some kit and see how it feels when riding and walking . First up , I thought the bags are expensive for what they are but comparing it to a Lowepro 200 its not too bad a price and is a lot more flexible and can take more kit .

The medium pro ICU will take a body and a couple of lenses , flash and triggers easily . On the back it sits neatly , doesn’t flap around and is unobtrusive when riding. Gear is accessed via a zip around the well padded back panel and therefore you dont have to put the back down of the mud and then against your back. The fixings on the pack allow it to take a ¬†snow board ( not tried it yet) , ice axes, skis and tripod , though probably not all at once .

If you’re travelling with a laptop , it’ll take a 15″ macbook easily and fits ¬†into overhead cabin space . So far , I like it but will still use a more generic pack when doing non adventure shoots. With a medium ICU in situ there’s space for a jacket , hat , gloves etc but you wont get a 50m rope in there.