Final day Cogne ice climbing

I’m sitting in the apartment watching the snow fall , just couldn’t face another day of ice climbing . really looking forward to being back home now with jude and the kids , its funny , but before a trip I’m really psyched up for it and as the days go on and the body gets more and more tired , I look forward to being home.


Spent the morning putting together a slideshow incorporating some gopro2 and some HD vid from the 5D into a short clip around 2mins 30 secs. If you’ve never ice climbed and want a feel of what it might be like then this should give you a pretty good idea : )

Its been a real laugh with the team here , all good climbers and up for a good time . Luckily , Rab have been pleased with the shots I’ve been sending them back which I’m pleased about .


Heres some techy stuff for any camera geeks out there .

My main squeeze is the 5d mkii, i try and never change lenses when i’m climbing and carry one zoom lens , either the 24-105 ( heavy) or the smaller and lighter 17-40. i mixed it up a bit , some days using one or the other .

The 5d has great HD video capability and this is brilliant for getting little video clips for filling in the slideshow . lastkly the gopro2 , a battery life of about 30 mins but also HD quality . One one day we had a planned shoot with me taking flashguns , all the lenses inc my 70-200, and the 50 macro . was a fruitful day and had a laugh with the sunglasses shots.

out for a meal tonight with the crew  and might try a timelapse sequence with some candles which ive seen done before so its not my own idea but looked very cool