La Palma

Back at the tail end of last year , I had just about enough of the cold dark days of the UK and Sarah and I decided to head for sunnier climes . Just after Christmas, as would be expected flight prices were expensive so we found something not too costly and headed for the Canary isles. Because we had left it till the last minute , accommodation was sparse, we eventually found something but , hey , its just a bed and a roof over our heads we need so need for luxury.

laPalma is a tiny volcanic Island, black sands, black rocks , black skies ( its a Unesco protected sky place ) , black olives, black roads etc etc

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The plan was just go and chill , do some of the long distance footpaths and get some sun. However the normally clear skies were hazed over by sand from a Saharan storm , flights from other islands having been grounded due to the sand and the lack of wind on the first few days meant the sand didn’t shift any time too quickly

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Its was my first outing with the new Canon5D mark iv, mostly similar to the mark iii , but with a higher MP count and new video features. However , in burst mode , I found i had to cut down to the M size Raw file of 17 MP as even with a super fast card speed , the camera just couldn’t sustain 30Mp at 6 fps. Though i do carry filters on Landscape days , I wasn’t carrying a polariser when we went up high to the Roc de Muchachos, the haze meant everything was a bit dull , a polariser would have helped but as some of the haze was sand dust it may not have completely solved the issues.

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The Route de volcanoes is a 12 mile walk along the sides and crest of the volcanoes that make up the lower half of the island , some stunning landscape and we were lucky with the light and the clouds on the last shots of the trip


Also a chance for Sarah to try out the Force10 pack which was great , and as usual I was using an F stop Loka UL for my camera bits and kit

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