Mountain Biking with the nutters

Have just returned form up North where I started my new project . It’ll be officially launched with an exhibition at the Ft William Mountain festival next Feb so I won’t say too much about it just now . Had the pleasure of biking with Al snr and Al jnr and Kier , all brilliant riders with balls of steel and Scottish champions in their respective age groups . My excuse for wimping out on the steep gnarly descents over jagged bedrock was i was riding a bike that was too big , with a saddle that was too high with what felt like a ton of camera gear on my back making flying over the handlebars just a little too close for comfort . The lads were very gracious and looked after me on what was my first ever downhill , I survived ..just ! Here’s some shots which capture something of the 2 days i spent with them . I was trying out the new 5D mkiii and got to grips with it by the end of the trip . Some Hi iso shots on the next blog