North Wales

Had a fun trip to N wales recently , in spite of posting on UKC for climbers and or climbing partners , i managed to still end up on my own . Still , its nice to just have some solitude in the hills , managed to do the usual scrambles , cneifion arete still probably one of my favourite routes in N Wales , steep , interesting but easy enough to do on your own or with friends . I remember taking jared on this when he was 8 or 9 years old , have climbed it with elisha on her last day of primary school , climbed in the rain , in the sun , in the wind etc , you get the idea .

Managed a few shots but there was continual mist covering the tops but have some ideas for some stuff with multi strobes when you can actually see something , so lots more for the future . the first few shots here were literally 2 mins walk from the hostel .