The Shard opening

Headed down to London on Thursday after work to see the laser and light show for the opening of the Shard . Tried out the view from tower bridge to see how that would be but felt it needed more fore ground interest which Tower bridge wouldn’t give . So thought about heading over to the next bridge along to see what that would be like but on the way found some steps leading down to a very slimy and muddy waterside and decided to set up camp there . Lots of other photographers started arriving , tripods galore . thought maybe the reflections of the light show would be cool on the river but in the end decided that i liked the view further back , the juxtaposition of old wood ¬†and chains of the embankment contorted well with the Lights and glass of the Shard . last train home was 11.30 so had time to head over to London Bridge and try a shot with Tower bridge in frame as well . Don’t think it worked quite as well but london is still IMHO the best city in the world to photograph. Shot most of it with the 17-40 L on a tripod and developed in LR4 , sharpened in CS6 Hi pass set to 3.5% overlay