Wedding Photo shoot

It was a real pleasure to shoot Chris and Keeleys wedding last Saturday.  I’ve climbed with Chris for years and Chris and Keeley asked me last year if I would shoot their wedding . Now weddings aren’t my normal haunt, I’m happier in the snow ,ice , mud and cold so the calmer surroundings of a wedding were paradoxically out of my comfort zone . I have a lot of respect for wedding photographers with some very creative flash work and stunning composition all done very quickly. Just have a look at Brett Harkness’ work and blog and you’ll see that he’s almost single handedly changed the look of wedding images over the past 10 years.

I think all adventure photographers should spend time studying the techniques of some of the best wedding photographers around , after all , its all about light , composition and catching the moment, whether you’re hanging off a rope or standing in a church , its all the same .

The idea of wedding photography is to tell the story of the day , the preparation , the nerves , the flowers , the fun , the party . Its a big story and for me a  very different  creative challenge .

Here’s a few shots from the day setting the scene up until the first dance .