Land of the Headless Plastic Baby

As part of my brief for Extreme Scotland is to photograph as many of Scotland’s adventure sports , surfing would have to be included , especially as Thurso is rated as one of the top waves in Europe. I also have zero experience of photographing big wave surfing, kayak surfing and kite surfing are the […]

Winter shoot

As anyone who climbs in Scotland in winter will tell, Scottish winter is a fickle mistress, teasing you to take a chance and get the axes and gear ready for an early start only to snatch it away with poor ice or lack of build up or some such combination of rubbish conditions. This winter […]

White Book

If you go down to the shops today and come across an Ellis Brigham ‘ white book’ , well , thats what this blog is about . Earlier this year I was with the Ellis Brigham team shooting ski action and fashion in Khutai Austria. It was an 8 day shoot and I had been […]

‘On what slender thread do life and fortune hang’

I’ve just finished editing a trailer for a short film project I was shooting in N. Wales recently with a group of climbers. It’s a project which Tom Livingstone and I had spoken about for a few months and finally managed to get some dates in the diary to make it happen. Story is all […]

How to become an adventure sports photographer

  I got an email recently from an aspiring photographer , I’ve had this sort of question a few times and it goes something like this :   ” how do you get hired as an action sports photographer, or how does a photographer get their photos featured in┬ámagazines. Are there particular things they look […]

Ellis Brigham Spring shoot

The Spring summer catalogue that I shot last Sept has just come out in the shops so I’m free now to share some of the images and the story behind the shoot. I was on my way back from NZ in July when I got an email from Mark Brigham asking me if I’d be […]

La Palma

Back at the tail end of last year , I had just about enough of the cold dark days of the UK and Sarah and I decided to head for sunnier climes . Just after Christmas, as would be expected flight prices were expensive so we found something not too costly and headed for the […]

Roundup of 2016

Its that time of year again , time to look back , assess, make plans , set intention for a new year. I actually enjoy the process of looking back , but of the top of my head I was struggling to think if I had taken any images that I was happy with till […]

Workshop in Adventure Photography

I had the pleasure of running the first Adventure Photography workshop at Glenmore Lodge at the end of Oct. This was something that myself and the team at the Lodge had talked about over 4 years ago and its taken a while to actually get around to organising it. I was really pleased that it […]

Glenmore Lodge shoot

Earlier in the summer I was back in Scotland shooting for Glenmore Lodge , the plan had been to shoot the West Coast Classic Rock course, as luck would have it , the week we had booked to be there , the West coast was just pouring so , local knowledge and getting as far […]