Scottish Gnarl

I’ve had a few days at home as a respite from whats seems to be a lot of Scottish gnarl. They tell me that sometimes the wind stops blowing and the sun actually shines in the winter in Scotland, I don’t believe them. I was up in Ft William for the film festival which was […]

An Artist and his Muse

An Artist and his Muse Mario Testino has Kate Moss, Man Ray had Kiki de Montparnasse and I guess I have, well I have Colin Peck. I don’t mean ‘have’ him in any sort of biblical sense, but when I look back through the images that have been important for me and the person that […]

2014 in images and words

I kind of look forward to this little trip down memory lane at the end of the year. I know I say and many others say that time seems to move faster as you get older. When I was a kid , a year would seem to last forever, now its a few trips here […]

North Wales Mountain biking

Last weekend I headed over to N Wales to meet up with Jenny, Rich and Tom. You know, you see these little films about Facebook and media and how its killing interaction between people and how people just stare at their devices now rather than chatting etc, as far as my experience goes , its […]


Back from India now,  2.5 kilos lighter thanks to having to starve myself for the last 2 days of the trip to get through the 9 hour flight home thanks to an upset stomach, and sitting in the peace and calm of my home away from the continual noise , heat , dust and bustle […]

Top tips for photographing London

As I’ve been going around london shooting for the FotoVue London book which comes out next year , I thought I’d put down some of the things I think about when I’m photographing in an urban environment and especially such an iconic place like London. The first thing I check is the weather , I […]

Skye, Gairloch and Dumbarton Rock

Last week I was in Scotland doing a photo shoot for Rab for their spring summer 2015 range of clothing . We had scheduled 2 days shooting but as i was in Scotland for a week i thought I might head out to the western isles and shoot some landscapes. That was the plan until […]

North Wales

North Wales is one of my favourite places to be , only a few hours drive from the flat lands and I’m actually surrounded by mountains , ok , its not the Alps but for such a small area it has an amazing number of stunning routes , both rock climbing and scrambling. This trip […]


  An impromptu trip to Paris last weekend as a bit of a break and check out some of the sights and sounds of this famous city. I was travelling light , one camera body , one lens and a Joby gorilla pod . Thats pretty minimal for me as usually I have at least […]

Swanage , composition and telling a story

A slightly different blog this time , I don’t usually teach much in my blog but I thought it might be an idea to share some of my thoughts about composition in adventure sports photography. Over the past year I’ve been being doing some talks at photographic societies and camera clubs where I talk about […]